This Orange Protein Powder Tastes Good (Seriously!)

syntrax-matrixLast week I decided to do something different – I ordered an orange flavored protein powder. Yep, orange. The protein was Syntrax Matrix 2.0 Orange. You’re probably thinking orange has to be the worst flavor possible for a protein powder…but it was actually delicious! I was surprised myself, I only got it because it was on sale (half off). I have only had a chance to max this up with water but I plan on giving it a shot in smoothies as well. If you’re looking for something different, I definitely recommend it.

Not all fruity flavors are created equal though! A few weeks ago I got some samples through I Dymatize’s new Elite XT Blueberry muffin flavor. Now I had high hopes for this one, I have tried almost all Dymatize flavors across many of their protein products and all have come up tops! This one unfortunately, did not. It tastes VERY “chemically” and nothing like blueberries at all. One sip and the rest went down the drain. Fail.

But yeah, the orange flavor, huge win. Definitely recommend!


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