VPX Releases New Weight Gainer – STEALTH!

VPX has just announced it’s released a new weight gainer called Stealth. VPX Stealth is the first weight gain attempt from VPX and judging from the initial reaction, this weight gainer looks like it’s going to be BIG! VPX has put a lot of time into marketing the product and getting it out there around [...]

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Monster Range Of Supplements! Probably The Best Range Of Products To Come Out Recently!

New supplements hit the market every, and to be honest, most of them are just clones of existing supplements that companies have released in the hope of making money. These sorts of products rarely go anywhere, and eventually, they will be gone from the shelves. But, recently while reading through a bunch of supplement reviews [...]

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List Of The Best Natural Protein Powders!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been contacted by people wanting to know what natural protein powders are, and what are the best ones available right now. So I thought this was a good time to bring this up on Supplements Explained. First, we need to define what is a “natural protein powder”… (Or just [...]

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Supplement News: New Monster Mass!

We’ve just gotten word from CytoSport that they have released a new weigth gainer based on their Monster Milk formula, called Monster Mass. It’s been a while since CytoSport have released a new powder, and from the reviews so far, Monster Mass is going to be very popular! CytoSport have released Monster Mass with 6 [...]

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Weight Gainer Pills – Don’t Waste Your Money!

Over the past 3 weeks I have received a couple of emails from concerned people asking about weight gainer pills. These skinny guys were desperate to gain weight, so much so that they were willing to try just about anything – even weight gainer pills! It’s these type of people that the makers of weight [...]

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Best Supplements For Skinny Guys (ectomorphs)

One of the most common questions I find asked around bodybuilding forums on the web is “what supplements are the best for skinny guys?”. Supplements are much more important for skinny guys (ectomorphs) because their genetics make it harder for them to build muscle, hence the term “hard gainer”. So what are the best supplements [...]

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What are weight gainers?

Today we’ll start with the basics of weight gaining. We’ll cover the question — what exactly are weight gainers? Weight gainers are basically meal replacement supplements with higher amounts of calories. Much like meal replacements, it’s pretty easy to find those that contain a mix of good quality protein, carbs, and acceptable fat content. The [...]

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Weight Gain Supplements vs Build Your Own

Wanna gain weight? If you want to gain weight you might have considered weight gain supplements. Weight gainers are awesome for raw weight gain, especially for skinny guys…known as “hard gainers”. Most weight gain shakes have a massive amount of calories coming from protein and complex carbs. Ideal for weight gain. But I think there’s [...]

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Welcome to Supplements Explained!

Welcome to the new Supplements Explained website & blog. Supplements Explained was created to try and take some of the confusion out of bodybuilding and fitness supplements. Our aim is to post quality information, news and product reviews to educate our readers. Educated people make the right choices and reach their goals. Stay tuned for [...]

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