This Orange Protein Powder Tastes Good (Seriously!)

Last week I decided to do something different – I ordered an orange flavored protein powder. Yep, orange. The protein was Syntrax Matrix 2.0 Orange. You’re probably thinking orange has to be the worst flavor possible for a protein powder…but it was actually delicious! I was surprised myself, I only got it because it was [...]

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Supplement Insider: Scivation To Release Quake 10.0 Mid Feb!

This just in from the supplement insider: Scivation (makers of the most popular amino acid supplement Xtend) are planning to release they’re new ultra-hardcore pre-workout supplement Quake 10.0 in mid February. Scivation president Marc Lobliner (who’s using Scivation Quake 10.0 as he prepares for the Amateur Arnold show this March) says “Quake 10.0 is powerful [...]

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Monster Range Of Supplements! Probably The Best Range Of Products To Come Out Recently!

New supplements hit the market every, and to be honest, most of them are just clones of existing supplements that companies have released in the hope of making money. These sorts of products rarely go anywhere, and eventually, they will be gone from the shelves. But, recently while reading through a bunch of supplement reviews [...]

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Top 5 Nitric Oxide Supplements!

There are a lot of new nitric oxide products coming onto the market. Nitric oxide is relatively new in the supplement world, but is extremely popular amongst bodybuilders and strength trainers. Personally when I saw the first nitric oxide supplements I thought it was pure hype and nitric oxide would go away. But results have [...]

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Body Fortress Whey Protein Review

Body Fortress whey protein has been recommended to me a number of times by people I know in my gym. I usually like to stick to a product when I like it, so I have been using Optimum Nutrition whey protein for about 4 years! When my protein tub was getting low last week I [...]

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Another Good Review Of ON Whey

I just came across another positive review of optimum nutrition whey protein. I have been using ON whey for years now and it’s good to see some other people have found it and are liking the results. I tried at least 10 different protein powders until I settled for this one. Not one of them [...]

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Welcome to Supplements Explained!

Welcome to the new Supplements Explained website & blog. Supplements Explained was created to try and take some of the confusion out of bodybuilding and fitness supplements. Our aim is to post quality information, news and product reviews to educate our readers. Educated people make the right choices and reach their goals. Stay tuned for [...]

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