Monster Range Of Supplements! Probably The Best Range Of Products To Come Out Recently!

New supplements hit the market every, and to be honest, most of them are just clones of existing supplements that companies have released in the hope of making money. These sorts of products rarely go anywhere, and eventually, they will be gone from the shelves. But, recently while reading through a bunch of supplement reviews [...]

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Amino Acids 101 – Essential and Non-Essential

What are amino acids? Most people don’t know. There are 2 types of amino acids, essential and non-essential. Essential amino acids cannot be made by the body, thus it is “essential” to get them through diet (and if necessarily supplementation). Below I have listed each amino acid (both essential and non-essential) and explained what their [...]

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Glutamine, rockstar of amino acids

Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid, simply meaning that your body can produce it. While you can consume glutamine from food sources like milk protein, meats, etc., the body mainly relies on the consumption of gluatamic acid (glutamate) and having it convert into glutamine. The conversion happens in the liver where glutamate combines with ammonia. [...]

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Welcome to Supplements Explained!

Welcome to the new Supplements Explained website & blog. Supplements Explained was created to try and take some of the confusion out of bodybuilding and fitness supplements. Our aim is to post quality information, news and product reviews to educate our readers. Educated people make the right choices and reach their goals. Stay tuned for [...]

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