Glutamine, rockstar of amino acids

Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid, simply meaning that your body can produce it. While you can consume glutamine from food sources like milk protein, meats, etc., the body mainly relies on the consumption of gluatamic acid (glutamate) and having it convert into glutamine. The conversion happens in the liver where glutamate combines with ammonia. [...]

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Whey Protein Facts – Learn More About Whey!

Today it’s time to learn a bit more about whey protein! Whey protein is the most popular supplement used amongst athletes, and some would argue the most important. Let’s have a look at some of the facts about whey protein:

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What are weight gainers?

Today we’ll start with the basics of weight gaining. We’ll cover the question — what exactly are weight gainers? Weight gainers are basically meal replacement supplements with higher amounts of calories. Much like meal replacements, it’s pretty easy to find those that contain a mix of good quality protein, carbs, and acceptable fat content. The [...]

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The Best Post Workout Shake!

Everywhere I look I’m seeing bad advice when it comes to post workout nutrition for bodybuilders and weight trainers. So I’m going to explain what I consider to be the best combination of supplements for post workout. A simple protein shake is NOT enough. Here’s what I recommend:

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