This Orange Protein Powder Tastes Good (Seriously!)

syntrax-matrixLast week I decided to do something different – I ordered an orange flavored protein powder. Yep, orange. The protein was Syntrax Matrix 2.0 Orange. You’re probably thinking orange has to be the worst flavor possible for a protein powder…but it was actually delicious! I was surprised myself, I only got it because it was on sale (half off). I have only had a chance to max this up with water but I plan on giving it a shot in smoothies as well. If you’re looking for something different, I definitely recommend it.

Not all fruity flavors are created equal though! A few weeks ago I got some samples through I Dymatize’s new Elite XT Blueberry muffin flavor. Now I had high hopes for this one, I have tried almost all Dymatize flavors across many of their protein products and all have come up tops! This one unfortunately, did not. It tastes VERY “chemically” and nothing like blueberries at all. One sip and the rest went down the drain. Fail.

But yeah, the orange flavor, huge win. Definitely recommend!

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BPI Sports RoxyLean ECA – A Real Replacement For The ECA Stack?

roxylean_1Today BPI Sports announced the release of the most recent fat burner, RoxyLean ECA. BPI has been hyping up this boy boy for a long time now, and being a natural supplement skeptic I thought it was going to be be another over-hyped flop of a supplement. After a few emails to BPI, they agreed to send me some sample packets of RoxyLean to test out and report here on Supplements Explained.

I was around in the old Ephedra days, in fact I used the ECA stack several times during my cutting phase. Nothing worked better for shedding weight quickly. It’s a pity ephedra was banned for political reasons (but that’s a whole other blog post!).

So does RoxyLean compare to the old ECA stack? Yes, in fact I’d even go as far as to say (energy wise), it’s better. The energy was absolutely insane, like no other supplement I have experienced in a very long time. I had a lot of energy for about 7-8 hours, and my workout (weights and cardio) was intense and very productive. Will RoxyLean work as well as the ECA stack for weight loss? We’ll see. That’s something you need to test over weeks or months so it will be while before we start to see good reviews being posted.

Have you tried RoxyLean? If you have, post your feedback below.

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Supplement Insider: Scivation To Release Quake 10.0 Mid Feb!

This just in from the supplement insider:

Scivation (makers of the most popular amino acid supplement Xtend) are planning to release they’re new ultra-hardcore pre-workout supplement Quake 10.0 in mid February. Scivation president Marc Lobliner (who’s using Scivation Quake 10.0 as he prepares for the Amateur Arnold show this March) says “Quake 10.0 is powerful stuff, the guys are going to love it!”. Scivation Quake is going to replace Scivation’s current pre-workout supplement, VasoCharge. VasoCharge, while being one of the most powerful pre-workout supplements available, just didn’t really take off for Scivation.

Muscle & Strength is rumored to be getting Quake 10.0 first, you can see the page here.

Also, 4 Supplement Reviews also has a Quake 10.0 reviews page live.

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VPX Releases New Weight Gainer – STEALTH!

stealthVPX has just announced it’s released a new weight gainer called Stealth. VPX Stealth is the first weight gain attempt from VPX and judging from the initial reaction, this weight gainer looks like it’s going to be BIG! VPX has put a lot of time into marketing the product and getting it out there around the web for testing and reviews. With the Olympia weekend coming up in about 3 weeks, you can expect A LOT of VPX Stealth samples to be handed out.

If you’re looking for a good solid weight gainer at a very decent price, definitely check this one out. Here’s a snippet of what VPX had to say about their new weight gaining formula:

VPX Stealth Muscle Amplification Lean Mass Gainer contains a synergistic combination of research proven compounds to shift muscles into maximal anabolic overdrive. Unlike other gainers, Stealth is also designed to give you explosive power and strength with compounds proven to increase bench press 1,108% over a placebo.”

If what they say is correct, that’s a very impressive product. We’ll see how more supplement reviews of VPX Stealth come out over the coming months. Maybe Stealth will rival CytoSport’s Monster Mass at the top of the weight gainers table right now. We’ll see.

In other notes: Check out my workout of the day: RWT 4 Day Workout


Monster Range Of Supplements! Probably The Best Range Of Products To Come Out Recently!

monster massNew supplements hit the market every, and to be honest, most of them are just clones of existing supplements that companies have released in the hope of making money. These sorts of products rarely go anywhere, and eventually, they will be gone from the shelves. But, recently while reading through a bunch of supplement reviews I came across a new set of supplements which I think would make a great stack for someone wanting to pack on the pounds. There are:

  1. Monster Amino
  2. Monster Maize
  3. Monster Pump

These three join Monster Milk and Monster Mass to make up CytoSport’s Monster family. Stack these 5 products together, and you have a well rounded muscle building weight gain stack! If you’re looking to gain some pounds and are confused about stacking supplements I suggest you check this out. I have been looking up reviews on these products and people are loving them right now.

Definitely recommended.

Edit: Just just found this page. There is some good advice there about how to stack and use these supps. Enjoy!

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Weight Training Blog, Excellent Read!

I like to give credit where credit is due. While doing my regular rounds of weight training and fitness blogs I came across Real Weight Training. This has to be up there with the best blogs of have found in a while, with posts about weight training, diet and nutrition, supplement, motivation and interviews with natural bodybuilders and fitness people.

It’s definitely worth a look. I have RSSed it now. Seems they only update about once a week, which is not often enough for me, I usually like blogs with daily content, keep readers coming back. Let’s see if they keep it up with good posts and it doesn’t die out like a lot of bodybuilding and fitness blogs do after the owners lose interest.

Anyway, here’s the link.

Edit: I am posting a video that I found through this site, how to make protein sludge! Great!

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List Of The Best Natural Protein Powders!

natural pro complexOver the past few weeks I’ve been contacted by people wanting to know what natural protein powders are, and what are the best ones available right now. So I thought this was a good time to bring this up on Supplements Explained. First, we need to define what is a “natural protein powder”…

(Or just straight to the winner: Natural Pro Complex)

What Makes “Natural Protein Powder” Natural?

Put it simply, a natural protein powder is one that is not flavored or colored with anything artificial. You might be thinking, well if you can flavor protein powders with natural ingredients then why use artificial flavorings? Well, because the only real natural substance protein supplement companies can use is sugar. So you will find that natural protein powders have a higher sugar content than their artificial counterparts.

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Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion Protein!

Myofusion imageOne of my favorite supplement brands, Gaspari, has just released a new protein blend called MyoFusion. MyoFusion is a solid blend of whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate and egg albumen. It’s just been released on the internet and you can pick it up as low as $38.99 for 5lbs. Let’s have a look at what Gaspari has had to say about MyoFusion:

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Watch This Page: Muscle Gauge Nutrition

logoI have just got some inside news that a new supplement brand is about to hit the market, it’s called Muscle Gauge Nutrition. Make sure you keep an eye on this page, becuase this is the first place you’re going to see Muscle Gauge Nutrition supplements for sale. I have been talking to the manufacturers of their products, and you’re going to be able to pick up some awesome supplements from Muscle Gauge at some real cheap prices. Muscle Gauge’s aim is to keep quality high, marketing costs down, and prices at rock bottom. This is the real deal, we’re not talking supplements that are sh*t quality and cheap, we’re talking high quality, low prices. No hype, no bullsh*t.

I am having the guys over at Muscle and Strength keep me in the loop so I can announce any deals they’ve got going on here before any other blogs/sites get a hold of them. I’m not sure exactly when the products are going to be up for sale, but it’s going to be in the coming weeks. If you want to be kept in the loop as well on this one, leave a comment below and I’ll keep you updated!

Edit: Jeff from Real Weight Training is going to be reviewing MGN’s protein powders next week!


Supplement News: New Monster Mass!

Monster Mass bannerWe’ve just gotten word from CytoSport that they have released a new weigth gainer based on their Monster Milk formula, called Monster Mass. It’s been a while since CytoSport have released a new powder, and from the reviews so far, Monster Mass is going to be very popular! CytoSport have released Monster Mass with 6 flavors, including cake batter which I have already orders and plan to review here on Supplements Explained.

Here’s the quick highlights that I picked up about Monster Mass:

  • 50 grams of protein per serve
  • High quality protein bled used
  • Not bad on price, $35.99 for 6lbs
  • Low in sugar
  • Waxy Maize is used as a carb source (not many weight gainers use Waxy)
  • Apparently tastes good (judging by Monster Mass Reviews)
  • 600 calories per serving
  • 6 flavors

Looks like a high quality weight gainer all round. If the taste and mixability stand up to expectations, it should be a good all round weight gainer.

There is only 1 store stocking Monster Mass at the time of writing, you can check it out here.

Remember, Supplement Explained gets the inside news! You heard it here first!